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tent- 10'x10'  (delivered and set-up) $120
plate, silver fork & knife, linen napkin  $5.50 pp
hors d'oeuvre plate & cocktail fork $3.50 pp
salad plate & silver salad fork $3 pp
bread & butter plate $0.75 pp
dessert plate & silver dessert fork $2.50 pp
champagne glass $1.95 pp
water glass $1.95 pp
coffee cup, saucer & teaspoon $3 pp
linen tableclothes $12 each
specialty linens- priced per order
tables (delivered & set-up) $15 ea
folding chairs (delivered & set-up) $3.00 ea
bartender: min of 3 hours $40/hr
chef: min of 3 hours $40/hr
servers: min of 3 hours $40/hr
ice with coolers $3 pp
8' event grill with propane $200
chaffers, stands, lids, & sterno $12/ea set

tax and gratuities not included. 
CT state tax of 7.35% will be added.
prices subject to change without notice.

I'm a description

Buffet to go


I'm a description
I'm a description

Rental Equipment

(off premise only)
minimum of 25 people. $15.99 per person.

penne pasta with house-made marinara

your choice of one of the following salads:

aziago tossed salad
red bliss potato salad
macaroni salad

your choice of two entrees:

balsamic roasted chicken
sausage and peppers
eggplant parmesan
italian meatballs
barbeque roasted chicken
(add $2.25 per person for additional entrees)

your choice of one starch:

oven roasted red bliss potatoes
rice pilaf

catering trays:

cold antipaso italiano   95
baked ziti   65.
baked lasagna- meat 125.00 or cheese   95.
penne alla vodka   95.
stuffed shells   95.
baked manicotti   95.
penne primavera   95.

mac &cheese 90.
shrimp scampi over penne   155.
meatballs- 80 pieces   90.
aziago's tossed salad   60.
sausage and peppers  90.
eggplant rollatini   85.
cavatelli with broccoli   85.
sauteed mixed seasonal vegetables   60.
green beans almondine 60.
sliced roast beef with a mushroom demi  155.
oven roasted potatoes   65.
rice pilaf   55.
apple brandy chicken-    135
chicken francaise-    135.
chicken marsala-   135.
chicken parmesan   135.
chicken milanese   135.
stuffed sole-    120.
grilled salmon   155.
chicken picatta-   130.
eggplant parmigiana   80.
brocoli rabe and sausage   80.
baked cod   155.
baked stuffed shrimp 5.50 each
garlic bread   40.
bread and butter   .75 per person
**served in 13"x21" aluminum pans**
**serves up to 25 people**

delivery, plates and utensils availabe at an additional charge.
tax and gratuities not included. 
CT state tax of 7.35% will be added.
prices subject to change without notice.

Hors d'ouerves and platters

Hors d'ouerves

stuffed mushrooms w/ sausage & spinach 2.25/pp
buffalo chicken wings 2.50/pp
tomato-basil bruschetta 1.95/pp
coconut shrimp & mandarin dipping sauce 4.75/pp
teriyaki chicken skewers 3.95/pp
hand breaded chicken tenderloins w/ honey mustard 3.95/pp
swedish meatballs 2.50/pp
prosciutto wrapped melon 2.59/pp
miniature crab cakes 4.25/pp
shrimp cocktail- market price
bacon wrapped scallops 4.79/pp
mozzarella en carozza 2.25/pp

each platter serves 8-10 ppl

combo wrap platter 55.99
turkey club, roast beef & provolone, chicken casar, and vegetable wraps

specialty sandwiches 55.99
roast beef, turkey & bacon, tuna & swiss, 
and italian combo

combo hot panini platter 55.99
turkey & cheddar, grilled veggie, prosciutto & provolone, honey ham & swiss

buffalo chicken wings 50.00
jumbo buffalo chicken with fresh celery 
and carrot sticks

chicken tenderloins 50.99
spicy and regular chicken tenderloins served with honey mustard and blue cheese dressing.

fresh vegetable platter 40.99
fresh cut zucchini, celery, carrots, red pepper, and broccoli; served with ranch dressing.

chicken caesar salad 50.99
grilled chicken, romaine, parmesan, and caesar dressing

caesar salad 39.99
romaine, parmesan, and caesar dressing

aziago pasta salad 2.69/pp
aziago house salad 26.99
aziago house saad with chicken 38.99

fresh fruit tray 3.95/pp seasonal

bombay salad 35.99
romain, mandarin oranges, toasted walnuts, gorgonzola, & cranberries

gorgonzola apple walnut salad 32.99

mediterranean salad 32.99
mixed greens, mozzarella, tomatoe, olives & croutons

cheese and cracker platter 47.99
assorted cheeses and crackers

cheese and fresh fruit platter 52.99
assorted cheeses and fresh fruit 

fresh baked cookie patter 19.99

delivery, plates and utensils available for an additional charge. 

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